PGM- Chapter 4-Marching till November


I know I said I’ll keep you updated

I realize now that expectation is dated

I Marched into April and Maybe June

July, August and September too

October flew, and now it is November

I shall try to tell this story before December.

Down and out in feeble February

Without a job, a home or friends

When March came, it held my hand

And guided me back to the beautiful West End

That first week, I became employed

A recruitment agency got me deployed

Thank the lord; for I knew the work

And thank the team who enjoyed my quirks

Two weeks, four weeks, finally twelve

A spring board, if you will, to the next place to dwell.

March saw that first job, and saw that till May

Alongside, I celebrated my first St. Patrick’s day

An Irish pub, with Irish grub

I learned to flirt the Irish way

Contemporary Ballet seemed not my taste

And yet I joined dance classes in haste.

Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba and Swing

Ballroom dancing became my favorite thing

Those three months had an eventful list

Bear with me, as I share the gist

Cherry Blossom festival in beautiful parks

Downtown madness and waterfront arc

Classes on Employment law

Job applications and resume flaws

English bay beach and its soothing waves

Granville Island on weekend days

Mozart orchestra much to my liking

It didn’t hurt that the tenor were striking

Novel people who became new friends

Helping hands asked and lent

Then May came and threatened to turn me thirty

I embraced the change with  poise and grace

So happy I was to be done with my twenties

I jumped off a bridge and managed to not fall on my face

That month saw too a bit of travel

Over hills and to islands as this story unravels

Somewhere then, between anxieties, joy, calm and wonder

I landed my dream job (in 5 months or under)

June I started at this new work

Happy, engaged and amazed at all new perks

I looked for an apartment and found a home

A place where my daydreams can safely roam

Traveled to Seattle and hosted friends

And with that, all highlights end

Except I should mention Halloween

I was a human butcher, mean.