Red Roses

As she waited, breath held
For her love to return
She remembered those long ago days
When the cider wood did burn
She remembered his chiseled, suntanned face
His crinkly smile
His eyes divine
She remembered everything
Everything lost with time
Her lavender gown did flutter
The wind did tug her hair
Reality tried to bring her back
But she was unaware
She was in that land so old
Remembering time so past
And by the balcony
She did wait
For her flame to come at last
Yes, she remembered his words
Even now, they rang in her ears
“I shall return for you are my love
I’ll return soon , my dear”
“I am off to seek an enterprise
But don’t you despair
For I will be back to stay
M’lady fair”
He had then handed five roses
Redder than her blood
She had taken them with shaky hands
And planted them in mud
“I shall return, my sweet
Before these roses die
Have faith and trust
To you I’ll never lie”
That had been five years back
And he had not returned
The roses had withered and died
The leaves had been black burnt
Each day of those years
She had waited endlessly
In every moment that passed
She was tormented mercilessly
Still she waits faithfully
For her darling to return
Standing by the balcony
Till the cider wood does burn.

2 thoughts on “Red Roses

  1. rhyme_well says:

    The words, the flow and the rhythm are excellent. But its too long (for me). Too long to convey the simple meanings that it wants to convey.Also, I dont find any new thoughts/concepts being introduced by the poet.Expressions and the presentation are excellent. (Is poem meant for that only?)Rhyme…


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