my other world

I can see myself
As separate from me
In a make believe world
Rests my true identity.

This world never gave
What I wanted from my nest
So I made a fantasy
To add some zest

And I am cared for
In that world all mine
And I am happy
In that frame of mind

I smile again
As I remember my fresh reverie
I was sitting with a straw hat
Fishing in a shallow tributary

The clear water revealed
Fine coloured pebbles to me
And luminant fish
Greeted me

I saw a lark
It sang the sweetest songs
And I sat under a grove
Humming along

And there all I could see
Was beauty surrounding me

Yes ,in my fancy
I am free
No lover, no friend, no enemy
Its just nature, love and me

And In my flight,
I travel through my castles in the air
I live without caution
Live life on a dare

And then I am back
To smoky roads
Hurting foes
Greed, narcissism
and drowning lows

And I wait for a chance
To return to my fantasy
To walk along the shallow river
And greet the little fishie

Where my darkness blurs away
And I bask in a glow fullsome
Or sit under a grove
And with the lark, sing a twosome


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