Whats in a name?

His name was Paratpara Khrisnan Girpade and that was his downfall.!!

All his life he was the centre of jokes, “Hey PK!…..gir pade!”

Neither Parat(dust ki parat) nor Paratpara did anything to lessen the damage.

In fifth grade, he changed schools.

It was then that he found his soulmate.

She was sitting in the fifth row to the right, with oiled hair, sharply pulled back.

He sat with her and the smell of chameli assaulted his senses.

It reminded him of palm trees, back waters, sea shore…

“Hi. My name is …um…Krishnan.”

“Hi Krishnan.”

“Whats your name?”

“My friends call me Dhimi.”

“Dhimi..hmm…as in slow??”

No, Dhimi like in Thaka Dhimi Pai”

He started to laugh.. “which is, incidently my real name.”

The laugh was caught midway, and vanished like he did whenever his dad came by.

“You can laugh. And on top of it I am a real good bharthnaatyam dancer. Its just groovy being a Konkani Bharthnaatyam dancer named Thaka Dhimi Pai.!”

That did it.He burst out laughing and she gave a grudging smile…

Thus began sweet puppy love.


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