20 fundamentals!

The following rules guide my life somewhat, but there is a catch. At least one of the rules is always violated, and so this list is greatly flawed, and therein lies its greatest strength .

#1. If you run after people, they would run away from you. You can use reverse psycology and run away from people which will make them inquisitive and they would run after you to quench their curiosity.
#2. Or you could just not care, and make life much simpler for all concerned.
#3. There is no reason to revere a human..you are as much flesh and blood as him/her, and therefore just as virtuous or full of vice.
#4. Religion and faith is personal, just as the parents who bore you, or the children you would bear.
#5. Nobody can tell you how to live your life, as they do not live it. Similarly, you cant guide a person to live their life, either.
#6. Foul language and foul talk does not make you cooler, wiser, or more acceptable.
#7. Actually, nothing makes you acceptable, which is good, for the unique is in and the commonplace, out.
#8. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder.
#9. Love is temporary insanity curable by marriage.
#10. Marriage is two years fun followed by years of bickering, a must avoid for all who have a reclusive, short and hot, and/or restless temprament.
#11. Boys are better than girls even though they gossip more than girls.
#12. Do not fall for boys. They have only one thing on their mind.
#13. All boys are the same, read perverts. Its just that some are vocal ,some are not.
#14. Stay away from all boys who flirt as this will make you susceptible to their charms and you may fall for them, thus violating rule#12.
#15. Forgive and forget is bull shit.
#16. Don’t be vengeful. However, that does not mean be friendly to those who deserve vengence.
#17. ‘Sorry’ and ‘thank you’ cost nothing. Use them, even when you don’t mean them, it makes no difference whatsoever.
#18. Never repeat the same mistake twice.
#19. Learn from another’s mistakes.
#20. Be happy, no matter what it costs you, for happiness is priceless!!!


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