Facebook and the like,

memory stimulators

memory stimulators

social networking sites can be demeaned by newspapers and intellects alike, but the one thing that their arguments cant refute is that these sites work!

For once, whether we like it or not, the world has become flat…a flat screen of our laptops or PCs. And God Bless It!

As usual, I was on facebook, and saw that an old acquaintance had uploaded pics to “travels to far away lands”.

But this acquaintance was no ordinary person..he was the first one I ever had a crush on… back in school..when I was 17.

I know, I know… I started off on the “boys” and “crushes” thing a bit late, but in my defense, I have spent the last 5 years doing nothing but catching up..

Anyway, when I saw his profile today, it was like a journey down the embarrassing memory lane. A year my senior, and the brother of my good friend, I really did make a fool of myself around him. I’ve always had rough hands,and friction should provide a grip, right? Well, I distinctly remember that whenever he walked to a room where I was, anything that I was holding in my hands would slip off, and this happened on much more than just one occasion. Whenever he spoke to me, I never could formulate full sentences.

I would day dream about things that could happen but never did… Don’t get me wrong, I still do that..but that was the first time. I had never ever felt anything like it…. crushes that I had later all had impact..but in a different way…I knew what to expect from me..

But then, at 17, with my first crush, for whom I used to go to school for, everything I did, every way I reacted was such a shock, a revelation, an experience in itself.

That’s the thing about first ones… You never forget a single detail…

And after all these years, that memory has me smiling like a dope right now… smiling for that school girl who was so unsure of herself and after 5 years still hasn’t learnt the art of sure-ness!!!


One thought on “THE FIRST ONE

  1. Rahul Uppal says:

    I think this is an awesome way to look at world of social networking, enjoyed reading it… appreciate it…


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