Sim0148If there is one thing I am proud of being, it is this: impulsive, independent and stubborn.(Thats 3..but oh well!)

Hell, these are the qualities that make me do all sorts of whacky things, give me the most memorable moments of my life…most memorable days in my life.

It was the amalgamation of these qualities that made me think of a trip to the caves on the night of Thursday: 11:30 pm to be exact…planned it till 2 am… (A special thanks to Patwardhan and PSim0122aras) …slept for 3 hrs…and woke up bright and early at 5 am. (Okay will be honest…was not that bright), anyway, and went to the station…

No-no… I am not going to go into the details of how I did not get the ticket to the first train because of a broken computer…or how I was running 2 hrs late from my planned schedule…or how a lady was sleeping not on but under the lower berth in the train…

Nor am I going to depict the beauty of the caves, how the first cave was really …oh wait…I am doing it…it’s all been done before. All I am blogging about here are the highlights of the trip.

Like the ferry ride! Sigh! What a ride!!! At one o’clock in the afternoon, theSim0134 sun was beating down with all its ferocity, but the wind…the cool strong wind…made the effect of the sun wane… I enjoyed the ride with a large joint family celebrating the birthday of a kid and a bunch of college guys.

Now there is only one thing about solo trips that I am wary about:  it’s “the male”!

They are everywhere: in the guise of the auto waalas… that can take you for a ride… (sense-literally and obliquely), the taxi drivers, who in Mumbai could take me anywhere and I would not know the difference, and college guys on a particular ferry trying hard to come up with an opening line to start a conversation with that girl travelling all alone.*What’s up with her? Maybe she needs company…* so on and so forth…

Sim0141I have mastered some techniques to combat these situations…

  1. I always sit on the edge of the auto/taxi…in case I feel the need to jump and run. *heehaw*
  2. I ignore the presence of the college guys…see through them… as if they just don’t exist. *harsh…maybe…but it works most of the time*
  3. If it does not, then the poor souls get what I call –THE LOOK- a potent way of looking at some people that simultaneously makes them feel like dirt, warns them about the safety of their health, and mocks them. I look straight at the poor guys. *never once has THE LOOK failed me*

So coming back…the ferry ride was amazing!! I took the toy train to the caves…walk-able distance…but it was a cute lil’ train… and a cute addition to a series of firsts of that day.Sim0144





Sim0152Another first, besides the trip itself…was this fact- I was stupidly close to the monkeys, wanted to well…pet them…did not in the end…but hell… I did try!!! Their monkey-ing around was just such a treat to watch. I saw a monkey steal and then drink ….wait for this one……drum roll… Limca!!! And then the cutie pie burped!!!!



I saw another pair. One was getting itself cleaned of lice which the ‘one that was doing the cleaning’ was happily gulping up! It should have been gross…but see the photograph…it’s just adorable.


                                                            Sim0149                                                                                          Only cave one of the Elephanta Caves had something to see in terms of carvings…everything else was pretty much ruined. One of the things that I want to see is to see something so huge, so massive, that it humbles me…that it makes me feel insignificant. While the carvings were big, and did fill me up with awe for about 15 seconds, it was not what I was looking for.




 As I made my way up canon hill, I met a great entrepreneur…Really; this woman put all my MBA wisdom to shame.

She asked me to take her photograph.Sim0163

Then, she asked me to pay her since I took her photograph.

I was impressed!

Then, there were these men… standing behind the enterprising woman… who asked me… and I quote, “excuse madam. Which country you from?”

Okay, so I did act a bit coy while giving the answer. I mean it’s good enough I did not say Germany! Since I was already walking away when they asked, I just turned back said “INDIAH” in an accent and with an attitude that surprised me… and kept walking… feeling so completely stupid that I could not stop grinning!

On the way back i saw some strange looking birds: the locals told me that they were hens… now whether or not they wee pullingh my leg, that i’ll never know… But it was enough information to make me click a picture of them too!!!!Sim0166

That’s about all that was interesting on the trip…. Don’t forget the ferry ride Sim0167back…and of course the train ride in the evening, where I was almost hanging outside of the coach door, looking at the breath taking view, and letting the wind ruffle up my hair, and the music from my mp3 player fill my head with ludicrous day dreams.

Oh…I forgot to mention… all the while I had plans to tell, anyone who cared to ask about my solitary journey, that I was a writer, for a popular site called LIFE. A Whacky Life would not have been that convincing!!


By the time I got back, my legs were killing me, I was sunburnt and dirty and I was ready to drop. It was sheer bliss!~!

Hoping for more opportunities for solo trips!

Signing out!!



  1. 403 says:

    maybe exaaaaggerating a bit … but well it could make it into one of those travel mags:-)….

    though the cute monkey pic looks as if one is killing the other!!


  2. harsimrankapoor says: are exaaaaggerating..and not just a bit… but thanks..what are friends for!!!
    and now that you mention about the monkeys…. i have to grudgingly agree with you.


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