images3Getting unwell is not so bad, especially for people who never fall ill… like yours truly.

Since yesterday I have been throwing up like crazy and I don’t feel “unwell” per say..just drained out!(pun intended)And frankly, although you will probably roll your eyes about it…Getting unwell is fun!!!

Think about it: — you get a real good sleep, since your body can’t do anything much, anyway.

— you feel real high

— you get something utterly disgusting like “throwing up” to make your next terrible blog entry.

— you realize that you are not “bacterially infallible”, and that humbles you and makes you respect

germs for their powers.

Its a total win win situation!

Really..one should celebrate it!!

So many, many times we lied to our teachers, friends, bosses that we were unwell, to get ourselves out of a situation we did not want to be in. For all those times, i believe, we need to celebrate the one time it actually stands true. Also celebrate it for the germs who so understandingly, and uncomplainingly took all the brunt of being called names and being abused about for no fault of theirs. We never ever spared their feelings a thought all those times, did we?

It just was not fair.

So this time, when those little things are playing “lets mess it all up” in my digestive tract, I made a decision. I won’t ruin their fun early by taking antibiotics. That would just be rude and thankless after all they have done for me. No Siree!!

Its totally their time now..

So go on kids…have fun…just leave a bit of food in for minimum sustenance… to help me go to the drab office tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “UNWELL? CELEBRATE IT!

  1. Deepti says:

    Intresting to see that there’s someone out there who cares so deeply for those germs(who do nothing but cause trouble without ever being seen). These guys have given me trouble even during my engineering when i had to learn all their ultra looooong complicated names…stuff they caused…symptoms…they drove me crazy…imagine somethin sooo tiny that u can’t see it with ur naked eye can cause soooo much trouble…and that you can sympathize with it amazes me…


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