I have decided to write to you, since whenever you are in front of me; I can never seem to hate you. It’s only after you are gone, that I realize how bad you are to me…how bad you are “for” me. I can’t explain the transition that takes place, from the love and gratitude when you are around to the guilt, regret and uneasiness when you are not there.

I have given you up too many times to care…and each time when you come back; I can do nothing else but to take you in and hate myself for doing that.

Like that time, when I told you: you are no longer a part of my life…but 3 hours later, like a weakling I called you back! It’s not fair that you are around whenever I need you, whenever I crave for you…

I realize that I love you and hate you and love to hate you… I also realize that you will be my downfall, my disease, my relief.

If only I could give you up, Junk Food;  If only!


2 thoughts on “HATE MAIL!

  1. Abhishek says:

    The post was very well started, I more I read, the more I wanted to read. I thought you were writing all this to a guy you were madly in love with, or were pretending to be in love with someone…
    the association of all that with Junk Food was quite unexpected, but good.
    Although, do you really find it around when you need it?!


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