Random Musings 2

I have always been at loggerheads with the traditional norms of the society and the most popularly held beliefs. And to add to that,  I am an extremist! The concoction so derived is, most of the time, a very bitter medicine. I call it a medicine because it cures as well as prevents me from the sickness, popularly know as “being social.”

If the society, and the culture or the sheer “human nature” of my fellow beings taboos me from being nice to, and talk joyfully to everyone; then I do not want to talk to anyone. (This taboo is never expressed but is always implied). If I am forced to take sides, I will take no one’s, and NOT in a diplomatic way.

I refuse to “not do stuff” just because I don’t have anyone to give me company. I refuse to believe  that a person can not be happy in isolation (and I know from personal experience), however I do realize that its not every one’s cup of tea. I refuse to believe that a person can not move on from people in their life. In fact, it is never the person that we miss, but the idea of the experience we would have had, had they been around. This idea is always way, waaay off the mark.

The more I see of people, the more I am forced to see the inherent calculating,  indifferent deviousness of them. I have been an off and on misanthrope. I consider myself weakest when I give in to “the socialistic existence of it all”, for never once have I lived not to regret such a feat.

Bottom line: I dont like people. And sometimes I forget that. And always come to regret it!

I should retire to the himalayas and find moksha!!!


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