Kambhaqt Ishq.

If there is one lesson I have learnt, it is this: Trust your better judgement. Because when you don’t, you’ll end up feeling stupid.

That’s how I felt while I spent my father’s hard earned money on Kambhaqt Ishq. “What was I thinking?” was a phrase that kept going on in my head the entire two n a half hrs.

Spoiler Alert: I shall not tell the script of the movie…oh wait..there is no script in the movie!!

I watch movies every once in a while (read frequently), to  have a few hrs escape from the (not at all harsh, but at times quite boring) realities of my life. While watching this movie, I felt my life would have been so much better had I not inflicted such torture on myself that brain damaged and de-humoured my existence for the better part of the rest of my day.While a few of the scenes did make me chuckle, it was not because it had brilliant comedy but because of the fact that a movie could be so unintelligent. The profanity and lack of chemistry, backed by the wedged in Javed Jaffery with the stale “Salaam Namaste”  one liners made me (almost) loose my apetite for the popcorn…almost!!

As a friend of mine rightly asked,”How can you have a huge budget, big movie stars, fantastic locales, and even some Hollywood actors thrown in and STILL come up with a movie that is soooo embarassing, sooooo trashy, with toilet humour that even a 10 year old finds absurd!!!”

Its excruciating to relive those moments in that theatre, and so I can not make myself go into detailes about the ridiculousness of a doctor with long nails wearing a dangling watch during surgery or the fact that the alarm could be heard whilst inside the body…uff…my head aches just thinking about it!!

I recommend this movie to all. Buy the Platinum tickets on a Saturday evening after cancelling plans to go to the party of the Year! Why should I be the only one tortured!!! 😛


PS: I wonder when they would come up with “Duggu”, “Lolo”, n “Chi-Chi” songs.


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