Why Music Gets The Best Of Me

They ask me why I listen to music 24×7. They ask me why I don’t engage in social nonversions.They ask me how I can spend 90% of my waking hours alone… with my earphones pouring in sweet music into my ears, blocking out everything and everyone else.

They don’t realize that in the 18 hours that I listen to it in a day, there are at least 5 times when the music and my soul are in perfect sync. The instruments, the words, the meaning, the sound…all or one of these get in tune with my thoughts and feelings so perfectly that I get lost in a make believe world that is Utopian, to say the least. Its like chasing a high. There is sanctity there, a peace I can’t find anywhere. Those 5-6 times a day, for those 3-4 minutes… nothing exists- not me, nor the world. There is utter blissful vacuum.

If in time, I damage my hearing ability chasing this high – All I can say is that it would be well worth it! In this messed up life, Peace is hard to come by. But I have found my very own potent solution to that direction.

I refuse to give it up.


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