Where I belong.

This is not where I belong

I belong far, far away

Back to nature, to the peaceful sky

Flirty wind, dirty… dusty… dry!


The patient seashore

With the vindictive waves

The instigating moon

The hypnotic daze


The soaked shiver

By the unrelenting clouds

The clay at my feet

Doing the mother proud


The white miracle

Atop immovable rocks

And caves, oh the caves

Barely revealing the mystery locked


Every crook, every bend has a tale to tell

If only I would clear my mind

And with my soul hear

The melody that my being unwinds


When in solitude I sit in such places

I feel I can touch eternity

If I hold out my hand

And Eternity could touch me.


I realize, then, that my place is near.

Right where society disappears

My vagabond heart heeds to no logic

Its only wanderlust that it holds dear


  • By Harsimran Kapoor





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