On Christmas Eve

So its Christmas again, and another year is just waiting around the corner waiting to unfold the life we are about to lead. The past 2 weeks that have led to this Christmas evening have been full of fun and cheer! They say that Christmas gifts are not found under the tree, or beside your pillow, when you awake on the 25th of December; it is found in the elation of your heart, when it sings because you know you are never alone in the world, and for once you realize that you don’t want to be, either!

This note is to say thanks-
1. Thank you God for letting it be Thursday today- making me free from the live project that takes most of my time nowadays.
2. Thank you God for gifting me genuine friends, who make my each day happy!
3. Thank you God for having given me a family that loves and supports me, unconditionally.
4. Thank you God for the experiences I have had at SIMS- there has been a lot of excitement this past year!

This note is also to make my wish list-
1. May my life be full of travel and explorations.
2. May cheer and goodwill be all around me, where ever I may be
3. Materialistically- I want an i phone, apple air, 6 lakh CTC paying consulting job (before I turn 23), a small apartment with an Audi (preferably an R8) in the parking lot (by the time I am 24) ho ho ho
Just small wishes!!!! Dear God- Please oblige!!! 😛


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