Resolutions 2010

It’s been 3 hours and 41 minutes into 2010, and of course I need to make my resolutions right away!

  1. Stick to the below mentioned resolutions
  2. I got 4 and a half months to turn 23: before that got to go on-

    Rajasthan comprehensive trip

    Kerela trip (All activities’ attention focused to this end!)

  3. Before the year is through, go to a North East India trip (Once Again!!)
  4. Take calculated chances in the unexplored field πŸ˜› (if the opportunity to do so presents itself, and stays around for like more than a month)
  5. Get into a job that excites me and pays me well Or stay unemployed! (Dear God- Pay attention to the first part- ignore the latter)
  6. Make a list of all types of alcohol and have a taste before May 13. (*Hic*)
  7. Stop procrastinating and make at least one entry per week in my blog. (Writer’s block- shooooooo)
  8. Learn how to drive a car. (Considering I’ll get one by May!)
  9. Get my passport made. (What a lazy lout I am to not have done it at yet)
  10. Meditate. Every day. (Damn this’ll be hard to do!!!)
  11. Be more careful with the electronics I have- (shall not drown them in water, drop them from the fourth floor, hurdle them to vent out frustration, unceremoniously discard them as pieces of junk etc etc etc.)
  12. Remember names and faces( No more bluffing, or asking for the name the sixth time)
  13. Lessen junk food intake- save money for trips. (Need at least 30 K)
  14. Sit straight (My back would kill me one day- I already hurt like an 80 year old)
  15. Have Less than 5 crushes this year! (Quality, not quantity should be the focus :P)


    Hope this year brings adventures, misadventures, new experiences, interesting, frustrating, enjoyable events… May I endure them with good humour and loads of cheer!!

    Happy 2010 to me!!!


3 thoughts on “Resolutions 2010

  1. Abhishek Sainani says:

    Nice… πŸ™‚
    Yeah, Writer’s block sucks !!
    “Remember names and faces…” don’t forget to map them correctly!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
    And yeah, do sit straight… in my case, neck feels uncomfortable…
    Ah, meditation… not easy… try meditating while walking on the road, its possible! πŸ˜€
    and finally…
    Happy New Year (and Decade!)


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