Posts during office hours-1

There is this thing about offices that I’ll share today… the effect it has on me… especially on days when all I have to do is sit at my desk and do clerical jobs. The thing about office is this- its Drab!

Proof of the fact is the lethargy flowing through my veins- I can feel my blood flowing sluggishly too. My eyelids weigh like eye-“lead”s and my bones are as if threatening to not support my limbs any more. I can feel gravity pull at the loose skin, and suddenly I visualize myself as a cataract infected, thin skinned, old, smelly hag sitting on her desk ardently working her thin, brittle, finger bones to rot so that some paunchy, arrogant womanizer can earn millions per second while I take back a meager monthly salary just enough to pay the customary bills.

Sad thought, that!

Damn these people, they should give me better work.

Damn me!!- I should have taken up something more creative: Like photography, or creative design. I should do a course on professional creative writing- travel writing at that! Work with travel and living magazine- Oh the baseless, unattainable dreams that I have!!!

So why am I here? Why am I zoning out at the Drab Office?

I’m waiting( for hours at end) to conduct interviews for job profiling: Interviews where people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, even when they are talking about the job they do day in and day out, year after year! They are agreeable people, and agree to everything- which leads me nowhere. Then there are those who agree with nothing, and that does not help my cause either. Those who do give me something substantial to work on give me only 5 minutes of their time, and so…yes u think correctly…it does not help me do this job!!!

And why did I choose to do the job?

My first answer is that I am stark raving mad with no foresight!

My second answer is that I thought I’d get to learn something here… and I was right. I learned that I do not want to get into an HR function at all, especially not an internal one. I do not want a sit at the desk, and indulge in uncreative work.

My third answer is that I needed the chicken feed money that they are paying me- to plan and go on trips, and fund my wild spendthrift nature!

But all is not bad- I am still exercising my creativity here. I am getting people to say things that I want them to say, to suit my needs and wants!!

At 3 pm, a bus leaves for home. If we don’t take that bus, we are stuck here till 5:40pm. Technically we should be here till 5:40 pm…but then, that is just a technicality! Also, technically, Sundays are working!! ;P So today, by 1pm we (me n my mallu team-mate, who makes me do all the creative dirty work) had conducted no interviews, and so were totally B.O.R.E.D. and obviously had lost the inclination to do anything productive for the day! So I went about putting words in the prospective interviewee’s mouth to give us appointments for Monday, and so on. I told these extremely busy people that I’d hold them to their appointment dates, being all authoritative about it(me-a worthless intern with a stupid job for a scrimpy amount) and faffed about having a “work-calendar” Getting back to the cubicle I share with Smriti, I lamented on the lack of interviews for the day and how I had no luck for Sunday either. Told my mentor(who has the authority to grant us leave) that we had appointments only for Monday and a work agenda for that day, but today and tomorrow (Sunday), we had no idea how we could be productive. As I had hoped, she (being the sweetheart that she is) suggested (on her own) that we could take a leave!!! As Smriti says, “It’s all about making the right background!!”

Anyway, I was stuck here waiting for the godforsaken interview, so just typed this random note. Though the epiphany I had is worth exploring, I do think! “A Professional course on creative writing.” There must be something good on those lines out there! Let’s see! And secondly, I surprised myself today- I never knew I could come up with creative way-outs, but turns out I can!! Hurrah for me!



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