Inconvenience Regretted

To get the passport made without glitch in the process, we give a “get the work done on time” fee to the policeman. At government offices, we take sweets, alcohol, and a pocket full of sunshine so that time is saved. Give the peon a hundred,  executive: two thousand and the principal 10, 000 in donations. They say ‘time is money’. I say money is time.The worst part is these actions are no longer frowned at by the majority. “Karna Padta hai”(you just have to do it- no way out) is the mantra. This mantra has been adopted for one reason and one reason alone- Convenience!

Who’ll take the pains of challenging what is going on. No one will give a shit! You’ll be the only one who’ll suffer. And this is not just a train of thought- its a fact! You’ll get in trouble, get a bad name, make your parents ashamed that you created a scene for no “valid” rhyme or reason. No one would applaud you for standing up for what you believed in. It’ll make your life complicated. So, go ahead- get scared, be afraid of what the world might do to you if you speak up.

Well, I’ve had it! I have questions and I want answers. I refuse to blindly conform. So I’m sending across a mail to the director today, asking him to give a clean breakup of the astounding amount he asks of us as convocation fee. I shall ask him to justify the money he is cutting from our security fee, claiming insurance charges, when a) we are already insured and b) this insurance that he is claiming would hold good only for about 3 months. Thirdly, I’ll ask him why did he have to take the “very important lecture” ,in the middle of what should have been a conducive time for people to go home, and meet their families. And why, when most had stayed back for this one hour alone(in a week), why then did he cancel the lecture without warning!

Maybe this would mean digging my own grave- maybe it’ll make life hell for me in the remaining 3 months that I am here. But at least I won’t feel like I’m a part of the flock- mindlessly following what people tell me to, by virtue of “power of their position”

I reckon that it would not be a bed of flowers. I apologise to the lazy, “chalta hai” part of my being. Inconvenience Regretted!


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