22 in 24- Part 1

Where do I begin…telling this story that does not deem any telling? I am a person who wears her heart on her sleeve…it’s something I have learnt about me only in the recent past. And I have empirical proof.

22 infatuations in 24 months @ SIMS

Yepp! You read that right. There is nothing wrong with the screen…this is not a typographical error, and this is excluding the one or two day crushes… these lasted for anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months. But that’s it! That’s how long any of them last anyway!

Variety…that’s what I am talking about!!!

It started with the GD/PI day. Number 1 was this brooding guy, who was centered on his interview going well. Don’t get me wrong… I was all about my interview going well and getting in SIMS too, but I was still looking around…was sort of distracted… and he was not helping me focus. Mr. Broody laughed just once that day- it was a loud laugh, from which genuine amusement shone through. It made me smile. I was officially infatuated.

When I left for my home state that day, I wanted to be accepted, to come back… and academic curriculum was so not the reason!!!

June saw my entry into SIMS. For a few days I looked around for Mr. Broody. Life was hectic. With new people, new roommates, ridiculous rules, and pointless write-ups, orientation time gave us little time for treasure hunts. But soon, I did see Mr. Broody. We were lining up for our tiring batch meet and there he was…tall, dark and handsome. And Not Brooding. Damn. I got over him!

Classmates in first semester are your family. Number 2, then was already family. He kept to himself, and yet he socialized. A balanced human being: focused and determined. He was here for a purpose. What a guy! I got to spend some time with him, no thanks to coincidence. And that was all the time I needed to realize that he was ‘too focused’, ‘too determined’, and did not mind stepping on another’s toes to get what he wanted to achieve. I knew then that he would go places… I knew then that I would never want to go to those places with him. He, Mr. Focused was too serious for me. I got over him!

Number 3 was a fiasco on so many levels, it is not even funny. I still think he is pretty perfect, but then unavailability tarnishes some of the perfection. I remember the exact moment I was floored. We had talked before casually off and on… but it was not until he said 5 words that I fell. Orientation had ended and the rock show was in full swing. It was crowded and loud. I chose a secluded corner for myself and swayed to the little music I could hear over the mad screaming. I saw him exiting the auditorium. And I thought that it was a good decision. Sure enough, I followed suit. In the mess, I saw him again. I stopped and asked him why he had left (pointless question, I know). He answered saying that he did not like crowded places. That was it. I fell at that sentence. Even as I type this, I cannot but grin at the absurdity of it all. What followed was that I would avoid Mr. Perfect like a plague… because I was sure I would be transparent and he would have other people on his mind that did not go down well with me. Soon, Mr. Perfect remained perfect but the avoiding aspect worked, and I moved to more unavailable pastures.

Number 4- He was one of the big ones… started at the end of first semester and made his way into second semester. Too many people knew about it. I was going through some serious shit during those days and he was my one good thing in the day. I could not help but get all doe eyed at Mr. Strong and Silent. I think I even toodle-dooed him once. (Toodle-doo is when you wriggle your fingers in a gesture to say hi, with the hand near your neck). Yah. I did that. I’ll never live the embarrassment down.

He met the entire criterion in my must haves list except one: being single. Sigh. I later heard that he was the “one good thing in the day” for many of my fellow female friends… and one of them got lucky. I was happy for her… and I moved on. I had to… I had enough trouble at the time, anyway… could not give the infatuation much time in all the mess. The second half of second semester went in dealing and coping with the said trouble.

The second part of the second semester, however also saw my fifth and sixth and seventh crush, simultaneously. It was easy to like them- I knew for a fact that they were unavailable and would never know I had a thing for (all of) them. It would not even strike them. So along with the trouble, they were my new “look forward to” aspects in the day. Mr. Droopy Gorgeous Eyes, Mr. Rugged and Mr. Angel-like Senior kept me going day after day. The beauty of the situation: they were unaware of how much brighter they made my day, each day, during those terrible days. I’d see them around playing basket ball, attending classes, hanging out with their friends. And I would day dream and hypothesize. Second semester ended. And with that, so did the infatuation. A happy ending it was. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

Then came May, June and July. A year had passed. I had had 7 crushes in that year. And it turned out that I was just getting warmed up….

I am now tired of reminiscing and writing about it. So part one ends here. I may write about the next months. May not. You’ll just have to wait and watch, won’t you now!

Till then… keep the crushes and infatuations going!


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