Think About It.

1. What’s the use of saying “Unsolved mystery”? Of course it is unsolved, otherwise it won’t be a mystery!!

2. Why is it that if someone yells “duck” they are helping you, but if they yell “chicken” they are insulting you?

3. Why do we sing “Rock a bye baby” to lull our little ones to sleep when the song is about putting your baby in a tree and letting the wind crash the cradle to the ground?

4. Why do sleeping pills have warning labels that state :’Caution: May Cause Drowsiness?

5. Could someone be addicted to counseling? If so, how would you treat them?

6. What happens if a black cat walks under a ladder and breaks a mirror?

7. What’s a “work party” supposed to imply, anyway? Are you working or partying?? N u HR guys- please spare me the cliche’d (wrong) answers.

8.  I like this one:  “When she told me I was average, she was just being mean.” Get the math??

9. Will you fire a masseuse for rubbing you the wrong way???!…not that I was bored!…. yea right!!


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