The List.

As I leave SIMS, I finally put up the list of the 24 crushes I’ve had in these 2 years.

1. Mr. Broody

2. Mr. Focused

3. Mr. Perfect

4. Mr. Strong and silent

5.THE Senior

6.Mr. Rugged

7.Mr. Droopy Gorgeous Eyes

8. The officer look-alike

9. The mover

10.The Mallu syndrome 1

11.The Mallu syndrome 2

12. The Mallu syndrome 3

13.The gawky kid (Jr.)

14. Trippy

15. The newspaper guy

16. Mr. not so blue

17.Mr. Brains (Jr.)

18.Mr. Grey- reminds me of the 2 really good looking guys in my past. I’m sure glad that is a common face! (Jr.)

19.Mr.Yuppie- Full on dreamy eyed, low key, low profile guy (Jr.)

20. The Mallu syndrome 3 on repeat!

21.Mr Pat on the back

22. Mr. Word-shaker (Sr.)

23. Mr. Specky

and finally

24. The Unassuming guy in the corner.

Besides these, ‘Edward ‘and ‘Alpha Male’ were constant fixtures.

You guys made life at SIMS a interesting and fun trip. You brought a smile to my lips and a loads of giggles and laughter. (Yea, yea…go ahead…call me immature and childish)

I am smiling even as I type this. You guys may not know that I exist… And you may not know how much brighter you made my days… Hell, you may never get to read this blog, but whether or not you know any of this, is inconsequential.

Because all I want to say is Thank You.

*For the time we shared- it was precious to me, and all the while I was dreaming of revelry!!*

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



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