Circles & Loops

Circles & Loops

Just a ball of string, tied around the mind

The string of nonsense, and idoticity

And all who look, do find.

It’s a big fat joke at our expense

There is only one way to enjoy

Have a great sense of humor, and a wit to match

Laugh, till it becomes utter, complete joy.

Realize that you’ll end up doing the things

You swore you’d never do.

You surprise yourself, more… than anyone else.

Even though you swear such surprises are few.

You are so eccentric at times,

You wonder why they haven’t put you in the loony bin just yet.

You make plans, and take steps to sabotage them

Forgetting about those long ago bets

It does not matter what plans you make

Because of the loophole called an indecisive mind

Your choices take you round a full circle

Yea, life is just a string of nonsense and idioticity tied around the mind.


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