Tall, Dark and Handsome

Have you heard of that phrase, “Tall, Dark and Handsome”? Well, this phrase seems to have been shoved in the only sane closet of our intelligent minds; the closet is locked and the key has mysteriously disappeared. How else would you explain the adverts on screen of Fair and Handsome crèmes for men ad infinitum. I have always held disrespect for the need for women to be fair… I mean our society is so hung up on fair = beauty and it makes me downright nauseous. But coming out with Men’s fairness crèmes is a new low.

And the ads are hilarious too! A ton of ash (or at least what looks a lot like ash of the chimney boy fame) to make an already fair guy dark at the beginning of the Ad to reveal flawless, fair complexion at the end… and ooohh la la, the girls around flock like bees to honey… I mean give me a Wildstone ad to make it seem believable… but this?!? Are you freak’n kidding me!!

One endorser says “Aam aadmi sabse zaroori cheez bhool jaata hai, apna chehra”… Really, where is this aam aadmi, and why have I not met him yet? It would be one radical experience to meet a guy who is man enough NOT to care about his melanin content in the skin! I can cut some top actors some slack on this issue though, coz they have super-inhuman abilities to endorse any damn thing! But I do wonder how much money it takes to sell a dark, intriguing soul for a pale, colourless one!

Yea yea, you got it right: I am biased towards the sun-kissed, especially so, in the case of men. Maybe I am a traditionalist, maybe it’s because of the way words and sayings influence me… but I have yet been unable to wrap my head around the need to be fair. Dusky women look sexier and pale men look like sissies! Give me a Preston Burke of Grey’s Anatomy, Denzel Washington, one tanned George Clooney, or an Un-made-up Arjun Rampal anyday! (I mean it God; it isn’t just a figure of speech…Puhleez!!)

One of my guy friends claimed this to be “just nari mukti morcha, because men are getting prettier than women…” Guess what, when I am 50, the phrase “fairer sex” would apply to men! Oh, well…Oh Damn!

*Screw you, fairness crèmes… you just ruined 50% of my list of eligible men*


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