10 Reasons for being Profane!

Since childhood, I’ve cringed at the use of foul language, as have many other girls. But, off late I have been exposed to an environment rich with vocabulary that made my ears burn. Although, I still hold that a gentleman would refrain from using vulgar vocabulary out of sheer honour and respectability, I also do not dispute the fact that “Gentlemen” are a thing of the past, extinct like the dodo. (Not a great comparison, I reckon).

So I went on a research spree to see the 10 reasons to be profane. And here is the list:

10. Because they think it makes them sounds older and tough or cool. (Kids, these days!)

9. Rebellion against social conditioning. (Another Lame reason)

8. When used with a lot of content, it truly emphasizes the point. (Maybe so)

7. It is no different than any other slang word. (In today’s scenario, that is believable)

6 Enter Coop Dawg (Won’t explain this one)


5. Some people call profanity “crude,” but it is no cruder to say “damn” than “puke” (a word that is simply vulgar, but not a swear word) – (Point taken)

4. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”

3. Definite lack of vocabulary

2. Excitement to such a level that without these words it is indescribable…. at least in the kind of circles we now live in. For example, when Sachin gets out at 99!

And the winning argument is:

  1. Would you take an angry person seriously if they were going around saying, “Awwww shucks!!!”


Sometimes when I look around, it seems name calling has become a term of endearment and greeting between “BRO’s” … and I wonder if it’ll become a socially acceptable norm in the next 5 years. Think about it:

MBA n Engineering colleges will have official fests with events viz. Most innovative name calling, Most extensive and comprehensive profane vocabulary, Best Profanager… So on and so forth!

Well, the research proved fruitful. In today’s world, it seems that profanity is inevitable. But I still have a feeling I’ll cringe when you use the said content.


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