The time I met my One True Love


He was walking my way. His gait was purposeful… his gaze steady.

I tried to concentrate on the useless excel sheet I was working on, but that required me to take my eyes off him and look into the computer screen. I had to consciously check if my jaw had not dropped… Thankfully, it was in place.

*He’ll just walk past you, Sim… Don’t stare so much… Man, you are so not inconspicuous in your approach*

I made myself concentrate on my work… and just like my head had told me, he walked past me into the coffee break area.


He came back, glanced in my direction… started to walk towards me… seemed to think better of it and walked away.

*Good job on the nonchalant and cool ‘I’m so busy I hardly have time to breathe look.’ Something may happen after all*

The next few hours went in establishing that he must surely have a great voice, a good command over the English language, dreamy honey brown eyes and a good laugh- all this, mind you just by that one look at him.


This time he was definitely walking my way.


“Yeah.”… I press ctrl S just to buy time… to appear calm and composed. *What a Voice!!!!*

*Don’t act like a school girl… And for heaven’s sake- Don’t you DARE blush*


“Hi… Tell me.”

*Oh Shit!!!… He does have the dreamy honey brown eyes… and they are droopy too… Man… what a great command over the language… He said Hi in such a perfect manner… His hands seem clean enough to allow him to operate on a heart patient… Heart Patient…*

Ew… That last thought and where it led thankfully cheesed me out enough to come back to reality… to realize that I hadn’t heard a word he had said.

“I’m sorry… what?”

“I’d like to put in my papers… could you help me with the procedure?”


“Uhh- Sure… You need to apply for Exit in the system… Your notice period of 2 months start from…”

While I was jabbering, my head was doing some A-Class jabbering of its own.

*Make him stay, Sim… You got attrition targets… It is your moral obligation to your company to not let this superb guy leave. Look how dreamy… perfect… absolutely perfect…..he is*

We went into the meeting room for an HR discussion. Exits are not discussed at the workstation.

He held the door open for me. He pulled the chair out for me. Only once I was seated, did he sit down on the other side of the table.

*Can this guy get any better??!! Sigh- I think I’m in love… TRUE LOVE!!



Focus, Sim, focus!!*

“But, why do you want to leave?”

“Well, I’m getting married in November”


“… and my girlfriend works in Banglore. And since she refuses to come to NCR, I gotta go to Banglore.  She told me, ‘Anyway, I earn more than you… you better change your job!’ and I was like, ‘Uh-Okay-Wow!!!’”… He laughed… “You know how working girls are nowadays!”

He laughed again…

*Man, what a laugh!*

To say I was swooning would probably be an understatement. The only good thing I can credit myself with is the fact that I was keeping my wayward feelings away from my facial expressions (or so I really hope.)

I was so bummed out!! 😦


At 5 pm, the meeting got over and I congratulated him on his wedding and wished him the best for his future.

*So much for true love!*

Bah Humbug!


The end.


5 thoughts on “The time I met my One True Love

    • Dev says:

      I agree with Prateek. I don’t know you and still I hate this guy! You are too pretty and too well read to be falling for random men. Give us blokes a chance too!


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