To my 15 year old self.

Dear 15 year old self,

Hi There! I’m your 23 year old version and I am reaching out to you from the future to sorta help you out in your predicament.

1. I know its been 2 years since you have come to this “still new” place and I also know that you are not fitting in. Here is the truth: “you don’t need to.You don’t need anyone else’s company, sympathy, or acceptance to be happy. I know you don’t believe me right now… but, you’ll soon realize it.

2. You are about to give up friends. Yea..yea..I know… That is incomprehensible to you right now. But here is the second truth: “you’re gonna break away from the feeling of wanting to belongand that’ll be the best thing that’ll ever happen to you! And by the time you are 17 you’re going to make friends who would want you around all the bloody time.

3. Here’s truth number 3: If you want to be in a relationship when you are my age, kindly Start noticing men! I mean seriously girl… Because of you and your entire value system, I’m still single and all the good men are taken! It’s slim pickings out there hon, and you must help me out here, gain some experience… misbehave a bit…and maybe then, my 23 year old self will be able to lighten up a bit!

4. Truth number 4: *Stop Eating*!! Okay… I know you are stick thin right now… but if you keep up that aweful pace of food intake… you WILL get FAT. I Know!!! So please…just stop with all the butter and cheese toasts!

5. Truth number 5: *You are going to be alright*. You have got guts, dear 15 year old me… and the choices you are going to make from here on are going to be wise ones. You’ll never be super popular… not everyone in your college will know your name… you’ll never fit in the “coolest gang”… you’ll never be part of ‘the posh and the stylish’ and here is the deal- you’ll never want to be a part of that lot!! You’ll be happy and content just the same.

So here is the greatest truth: Things are going to get so much better by the time you are 20… it may get better still,  if you get some experience in the ‘men’ department…but knowing you, you’re just wondering what an idiot I’ve turned to at 23! Oh well… Hang it thr, lil’ ol me…

Loads of gyaan bearing well wishes,

Your 23 year old self.


4 thoughts on “To my 15 year old self.

  1. shireen says:

    yeah hey i was the one who was the final inspiration to writeeee 🙂 And yeah – when u were 17 you did have 2 stupid frens around 😉
    Don’t agree with some of the stuff..*bleh* but nice to see you back :*
    That was a platonic kiss. -_-


  2. RIjoe fernandez says:

    hey love ur work, 😉 it takes a lot to talk about the way u feel. and putting it down is even harder. But u make it look so simple. you may not know me i’m a good friend of shireen, and Reshma.


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