Super 8

I’ve a confession to make, here…today.

I’ve had a lot of love affairs…

The first three…those: I badly wanted to get out of – “Trade Up”, if you know what I mean. They satisfied only a part of what I desired.

The next 2 were fabulous… they were good to me… shared my tastes…. were kind and entertained me no end!!!

But one jolted me in the classroom…. The other, in an auto! (Should’ve put me off autos… but did not).

I had a rebound affair, then… it was crappy, but I was a wounded female and did not want to take any more chances…

But, obviously I took chances again, once out of college:

I dumped my rebound…. and took to a flashy type. Lets just say that the element of touch was definitely on the agenda…

This one got dumped in the ladies washroom of my Noida Office…

The next one jumped off the ladies Compartment in the Local Train of Chennai…. Without even saying G’bye… Never to be seen or held again. So much for those type of affairs!!

My faithful rebound who had seen me through all these ups and downs, forsaking all others, was coming to me by road… but found another lover in transit…

Today… Here… Now : I name these love of my lives, at that time… I could not live without them…and yet, still I do…

In order of the affair (oldest to newest)

  1. Hand-me-down: Sony Ericson
  2. Nokia 1100
  3. Nokia 2250
  4. Sony Ericson Walkman Phone
  5. Nokia
  6. Battered Ben Q
  7. Samsung Corby
  8. Samsung Champ.

I guessed then, that one would never be enough….

I have 4 affairs going on now-

  1. Deepti’s Nokia
  2. Reshma’s Sony Ericson
  3. Beeba Di’s BB
  4. My old Nokia 2250.

Talk about variety!

To my Super 8 + 4: I’ll always love you!


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