“Down the Dumps” moments of life.

  1. In the queue, ahead of you there are two adults, like yourself waiting in line for, say popcorn.

Then they start discussing what electives they are going to take up for their first year in college.

And it dawns on you that you’ve finished graduation….. And then completed post grad…. And are now working, for the love of money!!! And suddenly there is a “aunty” like feeling that creeps over.

2. Your sister who is 6 year older than you gets her first wisps of grey hair! So by genetics: you know you got just 6 years!

3. You realize (and get a panic attack at the realization) that you might have to do what you are doing right now (corporate transactional work) for the next THIRTY SEVEN YEARS.

4. You also realize that you can’t earn money off what you love doing (besides sitting around and doing nothing): i.e travel and write.

5. Your friends are worried about placements and all you can say in your head is… “Dude! Getting a job is soooooooo overrated.!”

6. At work, the moment comes when there is a guy from work stranded in Vietnam, wanting to come home, but cant because your company’s “intranet system” does not recognize that he went to that godforsaken country in the first place.

7. A guy in your company who is currently working in a project will be marked as Leave Without Pay because of no good reason…. While you sit at the sidelines and watch- coz no one knows how to legitimize it in the damned intranet system.

8. You have to look into employees’ eyes and tell them that they are being removed from the rolls of the company because of misrepresentation of facts–and you see the desperation in their eyes, and understand their point of view… and still make them write a letter of resignation, knowing that half an hour back they must have been happily thinking of what to do with their next salary.

9. You wonder why you could not have been born with a fantastic metabolism!

10. You realize that you are a coward who procrastinates. And you do nothing about it… coz, well, you are a procrastinator.


Basically…. you think things that never crossed your mind before.

Once upon a time, life was simple.

There were simple Rules for everything… Black and White… Right and Wrong…

When did these shades of grey, red and purple creep in… and take over our lives?

Where the hell did we go wrong in the decisions in our life…

Even if we see the light… cowardice on our part does not let us take that new route… coz it means giving up luxury…

Seems like we’ve mastered the art of holding our breath, till the moment of quiet desperation leaves us….

Such a random post….

Point is:

I’m growing up, I think…. It’s not pretty.


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