Not Just Yet.

Wandering in my own sweet dreams
The quiet reprise only sleep brings
The wanderlust that is never dimmed
The circles I draw- the mindless rings
The cravings I have
Unfulfilled, as today’s sun sets
I’m a little bit lost
Not ready to be found just yet.
I know very little
Ignorance is bliss
I know not about love and longings
Nor about the mistletoe kiss
There are days I wish I were wise
Those days I fume and fret
I’m a little bit curious now.
Not ready to be told all just yet.
This world is still new to me
A little grey, still very bright
There is joy and laughter to greet me
In every word, and touch and sight
I feel grand in this small world
I feel small in this big net
I’m a little in awe, right now
Not ready to behold reality just yet.

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