A note of love

I fall into you each night, and you show me bliss, and afterwards…peace. Sometimes you wake me up in the middle of the night as a joke, just to lure me again, and at other times you take me in deeper, till I’m not sure whether I exist without you at all.

At the break of dawn, when I grudgingly leave you, you always enticingly hold on to me a little while longer, making my resolve falter, and my body a bit more receptive to your demands. But more often than not, I’ve let you go.

During the day, you never leave my mind. You wrap me around your smoky fingers and can hold me effortlessly in the palm of your hand. I wish you were not so “smoke and mirrors” about it, but then, that’s how you are and that’s how I love you. You’re always almost here… but never quite. I can always almost touch you… but never quite.

In the evenings, I fanaticize about the night…when we will be one. The entire day of hide and seek would finally be over. And you would invite me again.

Dear Sweet Slumber, I shall willingly fall into you, once more. And you shall show me those dreams again, tonight.



4 thoughts on “A note of love

  1. Rijoe Fernandez says:

    This is amazing, you let my imagination run wild before rapidly bringin it back to the world. You, Simran, have a gift.


  2. vrikmace says:

    That is beautiful, Harsimran !!
    “You wrap me around your smoky fingers and can hold me effortlessly in the palm of your hand.” Couldn’t quite understand it in the context but its neatly written !!
    I read this post a few times, it was quite a treat !! 🙂
    Your writings have this panache that’s quite hip and fun to read. Keep writing !! 🙂 🙂


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