The Perfect Catch

They went out to wine and dine
He charmed her with his flattery fine
Pretty and carefree, she seemed shy, yet bold
Her mind on what he can get her… dresses, dinner, maybe gold.
The drinks were served, the oldest wine
He went on to fake an enjoyment divine
She had a glass…one more… a few.
Confessed with eyes downcast, this to her, was new
Good food, fancy restaurants and shiny platters
She said she was illiterate in such matters.
So naïve, he thought in today’s age and day
Such a perfect candidate for an easy lay
Victory, he thought, with half a smile
Another feather in his cap, another walked mile
He ordered the high priced number 68.
She said softly she did not mind staying late.
So gullible, she thought, as she smiled at him
Women, they can fleece any man at whim.
A smile, a touch… one held gaze
One sweet word can start a craze.
“I’ll keep her around, till I find someone hot.”
While her, “He’ll do for a weekend’s spot.
Games, oh games… Such a perfect match
Neither ready to give, only all set to snatch
Soon enough, they’d scout for a fresher batch.
For now, each had their perfect catch.

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