Happy Bubbles

The mind is funny little idiot. It plays tricks on you. The greatest deception that you’ll ever encounter will be created by you, for you.  They are called Happy Bubbles.

Happy Bubbles are the best. They are your very own luxury cocoon where every morning is crisp and sunny, every activity is always fun and if anyone asks you how you are, you promptly treat it as an irrelevant question, since you are “always good.”

The downside of having a Happy Bubble is that when it eventually busts, the pop is the biggest pop you’ll ever feel… and you’ll shudder as if a spirit passed through you and took that carefree attitude with it. And you’ll be back to the real world, where everything is jumbled up and confusing and ugly.

Every daydream that you thought is just within reach, all your actions that you thought were leading up to something, all the wait that you assumed will soon be over… all those hopes and wishes… all of them, without exception, will at one point or another get dissolved in that one excruciating moment, that goes “POP!

You’ll realize that you are standing still, when you thought you were moving ahead.

You’ll realize that you have all the outer support systems in place, yet your will power has deserted you.

You realize that every single thing you have done up till now was an exercise in futility… and you no longer have faith in your judgments.

And then, if you are lucky, you realize that you’ve gone half-mad, and will pray for the deception once again… and slowly the cocoon will form again… and you’ll nestle in it: warm, cozy, happy.

But as is the case with bubbles, it will eventually burst. And all you can do is to not move a muscle, not blink an eyelid, not let out one breath… just to make it stay a wee bit longer.


3 thoughts on “Happy Bubbles

  1. Roonz says:

    Most of the times, the bubble forms because life otherwise is dreary and depressing. We need ‘pretend happy’ to make it bearable!

    Popping- Re Bubbling has become a part of life now! 😀


  2. Ipsa says:

    Hmm.. A bit of a negative way of looking at things. But with realism. I think those bubbles need to pop to get what people call a “reality-check” and maybe help make your other bubbles stronger.


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