Do YOU believe in love?

Belief in Love

Belief in Love

“So, you don’t believe in love, do you?”

I am sick and super tired of this question which is invariably posed by the strangest of people in the most unrelated of situations. I should simply get a tattoo of an oversized teddy bear hugging a heart shaped cushion with a ridiculously happy smile. I should probably get this tattoo on my forehead, where it is hard to miss. I should wear pink colored T-shirts with glitterati and those “Love is’’ quotes. (It would, ideally not have quotes like- ‘Love is… Pretty Hormonal’) I should have a badge on me all the time stating ‘Yes! I believe in Lou!’(And I should whack anyone who dares to ask who Lou is!) Maybe that will ward off this irrelevant question which was an utter invasion of my privacy.

Of course, I can’t say that. No girl who blogs about anything personal has any right to claim privacy. Maybe if I got married, people will stop asking this question because everyone just assumes that married people believe in love, and ARE in love. (Social pressure, anyone? No? Ok.)

Question remains, do I believe in love? Yes, of course I do. Do I believe it’s an overrated concept? Yes. I do. Do I feel lucky that the emotion exists? Yes. It gives me ample to think and blog about. Am i fond of the idea? Yes. I believe it makes for a happy existence.

Clearly, I believe in love.

(Un)related fact is, I also believe in suspicion, hate and indifference.


One thought on “Do YOU believe in love?

  1. Nagarajan Somasundaram says:

    This one goes on to show the amount of pressure you are running through I guess. What I really liked about your article is when you call it a concept? Soon I guess it will become a theme too…

    I dont mean to get personal here or question your emotions but this article is like hmmm…

    Have to appreciate and salute your writing skills though as I am not good with it atleast. 😉


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