Choice. The joke we played on ourselves.

Be Fearless. You have no choice, anyway.

Robert Fritz said, ‘If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.’

The belief that we have a choice is a fallacy told to us as a practical joke which some ancestor of ours played on us some thousands of years ago. And till date, we have not realized that it was a practical joke. Choice! As if we have a choice! It is said that the right choices lead you to the right opportunities and the right ‘success path’. What they don’t tell you is what makes this path right, in the first place. It is said that only you can make the choices in your life, based on what your head and heart tell you. What they don’t tell you is that rarely do you ever make a choice where the head and the heart are in perfect sync. Can you remember the last time you did something that felt right to both, the head and the heart?

Logic may tell you to get married. The heart may ask you to stay free. Logic may ask you to find a career. Heart may ask you to give it up in the name of vague art. Logic may tell you to conform. The mad heart will ask you to run wild and liberated.

So what happens when the heart almost always starts to trump logic? What happens when you willingly give up a logically pretty good situation for an uncertain one, in the name of excitement and adventure? Well, then the society looks at your life and says, “She is fickle. She doesn’t stick on to anything. She is pretty aimless.” And you could very well choose to ignore society, but if you choose to see your family happy and they choose to follow societal norms, your choice of ignoring society becomes pointless, really.

The problem is this. We have been cultured to think that over ambitious people are better than non over ambitious ones and that ambition is only work related. And only that work qualifies as work that gets you fat paychecks at the end of the month. If you take this social conditioning out of the picture, then the plan to follow your heart is the best plan in the world. But if you can’t take this social conditioning out of your system then, even if you think today in a moment of epiphany, that sailing away with carefree winds is the best option, when tomorrow comes you’ll again be second guessing everything.

It’s a universal issue. It’s idiotic human nature. The fight between logic and feeling is the most consistent and most draining one. And no matter what you do, all you are left with is compromise.


4 thoughts on “Choice. The joke we played on ourselves.

  1. Prateek says:

    Completely agree, choice is but a manifestation of circumstances. Wat u want to do and wat u ought to do are usually different things. Its only a select few who really do what they wanted to in the first go. The rest who like the choices they have made r usually those who have accepted the fact that they cant do anything else and they convince themselves that what they chose is the right thing!
    Once again the post is well written and something that struck a chord somewhere within me.
    Well written. 🙂


  2. Nagarajan Somasundaram says:

    Its a well written post however I might slightly disagree with your point of you. Well beyond the society and family there is an inner want for life style that you want to satisy alongside your dreams of dos and donts and if you are willing to compromise that lifestyle then nobody can stop from chasing your dreams.

    Even todate there are people in India and abroad who have followed their hearts and dreams to make it successful. Infact it those who have made it successful and larger in life.

    All said and done I guess it is for you to make that final decision of what you want to follow irrespective of what the world around you wants to think about it.

    I do it and so can you I guess.


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