Hook, Line and Sinker

By Johanna

You talked pretty smooth & stole many a heart
I watched in awe as each girl fell apart
They would chase you around, and I saw you smile
You had them hooked for quite awhile
I saw how easily you played the game
Without any feeling, without any shame
But you made a mistake, and you hurt my friend
That’s when I decided your games had to end
I thought to myself, I’ll teach him to play
I’ve got the looks that have kept him away
Now how do I use them to break his heart
The same way he ripped so many others apart
Could I be as cruel, without even trying
Would it weigh on my mind if I started lying
I baited the hook and threw you the line
It was too easy, you were now mine
Being shy and quiet you knew nothing about me
You went out of your way to be the best you could be
There were no others girls, you saw only me
You left others alone, being afraid to play
Afraid to do anything that would scare me away
You thought I was special I had stolen your heart
You told me, this is true love and we will never part
You forgot all those girls you had hurt and used
And never realized once you were now in their shoes
It was the perfect time to say, are you out of your mind?
You were dating yourself, don’t you know your own lines
This was only a lesson that you had to learn
You kept playing with fire and finally got burned.

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