Note from Founder and Chair-woman

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to a society conjured up by yours truly. It’s currently in Version 1.0, but notify me and I will let you know when an upgrade releases. The society has been designed from scratch and aims to be hassle free, literally meaning freeing you of hassles. (strictly of the emotional kind).


MUENSO stands for MUtual ENcouragement SOciety, a not-for-profit organization where friends give encouragement to each other for day-to-day emotional dealings.

It was started by the hardly-known Harishman Kapoor (yes, you read that right), known for being eccentric. She legally changed her name to Harishman from Harsimran when a Tamil Official messed up her name on all the documents drafted to make MUENSO a registered society.

Harishman had a view of a world where people who were friends provided great and not so great advice to other people (also friends) and where enthusiasm and encouragement would be given free of cost.


MUENSO got into a minor* controversy wherein A. Krishnamoorthy called Harishman a ‘bum’ for coming up with a redundant society. The case is still open on how offensive the following statement from A. Krishnamoorthy was- “Bum! Its called being friends.” Harishman claims the statement brought to light her bum in an indecent manner, while putting down her claim-to-millions-overnight-idea in jeopardy. When A. Krishnamoorthy pointed out the Not-For-Profit nature of MUENSO, things got out of hand, literally. Harishman was spotted flinging spoons, empty plastic bottles and even her shoe at Ms. A. When asked to comment on the act, she said it was the parliament’s fault and did not elaborate further.

Sneak Peak of Core Scenarios Handled:
‘It’s not your fault!’
  • Reasons why you were allowed to oversleep/overspeed/over-react etc.
  • Reasons why you were right to stand him/her up.
  • Reasons why procrastination is of supreme importance and why your boss just doesn’t get it!

What do I do?!’

  • How to handle the ‘jawaan beti ghar pe baithi hai’ syndrome
  • How to plot revenge on the ex who moved on to his/her current within 3 days of the breakup! The **##^&^(.
  • How to improvise on the usage of 80 copies of a letter on the company letterhead you printed and in which the MD finds an error.
‘No Looking Back’
  • How to deal with stupidities that no one else commits, yet which are strangely, very common.
  • How to deal with your ill-worded resignation letter sent to the CEO, marking Head-HR.
  • We also book one way flights to everywhere.*
‘The Shoulder to Cry On’

We have leather-finished custom-built shoulders to meet every head structure type to provide a wholesome crying experience. For a minimal* extra charge, you can also have the state-of-the-art electronic shoulder that pats your back every ten seconds and croons ‘it’s ok’. Please bring your own tear-gland-stimulators.

All this and much, much more*…

Advertising Stratergy:

The following punchlines have been formulated to advertise the society.

1. It’s not a counselling session… it’s MUENSO!

2. We help you figure what YOU want at MUENSO!

(We use alcohol, drugs and other extra curricular* as the pathway of exploration)

3. Your parents might ask you to go see a counselor,


If you want to get what you don’t know you want yet


Current Status of the Society

Pending the status of the legal battle in the what is now being known as the case of ‘Harishman’s bum Vs. Frandship claim of A. Krishnamoorthy’, the society has not yet been legally registered. However, Harishman claims that the society is being run in secret and is positive that it will grow to be one of the most well-known secret societies of its time.


* Terms and Conditions Apply.



3 thoughts on “MUENSO

  1. A.Krishnamoorthy says:

    Dear Ms. Harshiman,

    With respect to the above mentioned publicly published article, I would request permission to point out that ‘BUM’ is a term of endearment and that I respectfully would appreciate an opportunity to apply for post for chief mentor and cash-keeper and also to write awfully long sentences without any punctuation while it would best to withdraw the legal battle and register MUENSO to be a money-making-machine and to please allow me to explain that i have been wrongfully misquoted while I was only performing my MUENSO duties even before I was a MUENSO, a society which did not even exist when I was rightfully and legitimately doing a duty which can be termed as pre-cognitive.

    Dripping with sincerity,
    A. Krishnamoorthy


  2. Cj Singh says:

    Hi Harshiman. Brilliant work. MUENSO could save dejected, rejected, and despondent young souls from plunging into abyss of nothingness. Wish you all the best. And forget about registering it. Just make it work. God bless.


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