The Bangalore Chronicles… Chapter 1

I had arrived. A grin was plastered across my face… a grin that’s exclusive to when I land in a new place… my nostrils taking in the easy-to-miss heady magic of that first breath. I believe every new place has a distinct air to it. Bangalore’s air had the sparkle of my dreams in it… the nip in the air as if a promise of happiness and adventure.

While officially, I was here on official purpose, my parents had sent me here with one sole purpose – to find someone to call my own. I don’t blame them. When the entire ‘shaadi’ business at home just went “so-very-wrong” during my one month at home… getting a job offer in Bangalore was a Godsend, more so for them I think, than for me. They got respite from the “jawaan-beti-ghar-pe-baithi-hai” syndrome, while I got to come to a place I had never been before.

But, the premise was set! A promise had been made. Bangalore was where I was supposed to meet someone… let’s just say…’in a sort of permanent association kind of way.’ I wondered if the blue eyed Finnish hunk I met on the plane could be my permanent someone and dismissed the thought. I hadn’t even got his name… though I had his company, work experience, travelogue, insights to India and all things Indian, shoe number and sleep habits… I just hadn’t got his name… (Or number!)

That first week here was the most strenuous, I suppose. But I can say that only in hindsight. While I was in those moments, running behind brokers with a whooping-like cough, runny nose and a running fever was not that bad. I was getting to know this city, rolling in its sensibilities, getting wet in its moody showers, happy with the fact that everyone knew Hindi, albeit with a distinct flavor– “todha todha” (little little)… and smiling at the newness of it all.

The first week was also a week of realizations. The people I thought I’d rely on once I was here, were suspiciously out of touch and the ones I had not even considered came to my rescue… providing brokers’ phone numbers and directions and all sorts of innovative ideas. I realized two things that first week. One: I had fair weathered friends. And Second: I was a lousy judge of character. But all is well, because it all ended well…

Twenty days in, and I have a small, yet adorable apartment to call my own – the financing from A to Z done by me. The sense of independence is through-the-roof! At work, my boss is the most ‘chilled out-yet sensible’ guy I’ve ever met… my team mates are accommodating and supportive… and my work profile is a 180 degree turnaround from a creativity aspect than my last job (in an outstandingly good way!)… and I am just settling in now… it’ll take a little time while I discover this city, perched in a state that has its own state flag… and seek to understand it and roll with the good times I know it’ll offer me!

Cheers to Bangaluru!!! .       Enjaay Maadi! \m/


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