All Mine… All Mine… All Mine…

Heat escapes my fingertips
I feel my eyebrows arch
I know my eyes are narrow slits
My mouth twisted in scorn
No kindness in me again tonight
Black shadow, I adorn
I’ve seen you… now you’re all mine..
I see you twist and turn away
I see you scared and sad
Corners of my mouth move up in a smile
You are all mine, all mine… all mine
In a corner, I have you curled up
As I tower over… waiting for you to break…
Waiting for that telltale sign
Your weakness feeds my power
Your futility translates my control
I feel my ragged breath in gasps
Scared, excited, alive, resolute
No forgiveness in me again tonight
My inapt vengeance on all, finally realized absolute
A target without reasonable reason
A victim without a cause
My act is unplanned surrender to instinct
As I toy with the my prey, play with my food
No guilt in me again tonight
As if a bully should, or would.
Fire escapes my fingertips
I’ll scorch you and brand you for life
You’ll never be normal again
My prey… you are mine… all mine
I have wasted you, left you lifeless
Look at you, all withered and scarred
My darling… all mine… all mine
Part of your past… ever there in your future
I’m proud of having done a doing fine.
You’re after all… all mine… all mine… all mine.

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