Dear You,

How are you? How goes it in the land far, far away? Are you someone’s Prince Charming there too? While you were here, you sure did make me feel like a princess. No one had done that for me before you and no one has ever treated me that way, since you’ve been gone.

Another new year is around the corner. It has a sublime feel to it, much like the one I almost spent with you all those years back. Feels like yesterday. Feels like forever. Feels like a dream…

I saw a bouquet of red roses in a girl’s hands today. I saw the way she smiled, shy, unsure… Did I look like that when you gave me flowers, or did I just frown while you grinned? I miss your laugh the most. If only it would ring out in this muted room right now. It was the only potent concoction that could infuriate and calm at the same time.

I’ve changed a lot since we last met. I forgive easily and love freely. You taught me that didn’t you? I wish I could show off my new found personality traits to you and get your seal of approval. But I can’t manufacture a miracle, so I’m going to let it go.

You’ve taught me so much over the years, even in your absence, though ‘absence’ may not be the apt word here. You’ve stayed on, haven’t you? You’ve lingered and become a part of my existence, the one thought that consumes every idle moment of my being, the one feeling that fills me up when there is nothing left to feel. Ever since you’ve been gone, you’ve walked with me every day, haven’t you?

There is a strange kind of warmth caressing me tonight. You are here, right beside me. Just like all those years back. Feels like yesterday. Feels like forever. Feels like today… right now…

Stay… just a while longer…

Love, always..


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