But then maybe…

Maybe it is a subtle little change in outlook, but then maybe its a little bit more than that.
Maybe its been a long time coming, but then maybe this is where the disclosure was destined to be at
Maybe I have been blind, but then maybe I’ve been a know-it-all.
Maybe you’ll fall in love with me, but then maybe I’ll beat you to that fall.
Maybe I’ve tried to be someone else, but then maybe that someone else is too, a part of me
Maybe you’ll show me grand adventures, but then maybe we’ll just simply ‘be’.
Maybe the stars have conspired, but then maybe its not what stars do.
Maybe you are reading this because you want to, but then maybe you had nothing better to do.
Maybe we’ll feel differently tomorrow, but then maybe tomorrow won’t ever really come.
Maybe we’ll act all proper, but then maybe we’ll take turns to come undone
Maybe you’d like to be modern, but then maybe I’ll teach you to be old school
Maybe you see me as a standoffish cynic, but then maybe… 
…just maybe… 
I turn out to be a hopeless, romantic fool.

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