Crazy, Stupid Circumstance


4 days to the one day that’s etched in my mind
4 hearts to this day my heart did bind
In love with one
Crushing on another
Dating the third
While wishing the fourth remembers
Crazy, stupid circumstance
Crazy, stupid thoughts
Crazy, stupid fights
That I stupidly fought.
Who knows what might have been?
Who knows what we might have seen?
Married or broken up
Or just married & broken down
Moved on or together still
Faces wrinkled with laughter lines?
Crazy, stupid circumstance
Crazy, stupid fears
Crazy, stupid best times of my life
That I waived away when they were near
They say everything is about timing
Timing is everything, they reckon
Well then, timing has a discord with me
Since we always disappointed each other, when either did beckon
Crazy, stupid circumstance
Never seen a quite right start
Crazy, stupid grand dreams I own
That just don’t let go of my heart
I remain stranded by my own make
I accept the responsibility- well, give or take.
In love with one who isn’t here
Crushing on another who any time would disappear
Dating the third I don’t quite want
While wishing the fourth remembers, even after all these years.
Crazy, stupid circumstance
Isn’t it clear? Don’t you see?
Undecided, I linger; chaos’ harbinger
Selfishly, I won’t compromise
Crazy, stupid me






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