Trick Your Heart

For all who feel a little lost
For all who feel life comes at a cost
For all who feel inadequate
For all who feel incomplete
For all who have wanted a silver spooned start
The secret to happiness is to trick your heart.
Repeat – ‘I’m happy – I’m happy’
While your world turns to rubble
Repeat – ‘I don’t care – It don’t matter’
When blatant realities get your heart in trouble
If you think about it, existing too is an art
The secret to a content life is to trick your heart.
For all who have seen filth in all its glory
For all who have felt victims in the cosmic story
For all who have experienced first hand
The flimsiness of expectations grand
For all whose souls have withered & fell apart
Call loneliness as solitude & trick your heart.
Repeat – ‘I’m strong – I’m strong’
When fear grips your insides
Repeat – ‘It’s ok – I’m ok’
When friendships leave you at the blindside
When your faith is picked away, in time, part by part
For a good night’s sleep, just trick your heart.

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