Lost & Found


Find a passion, find a reason

Find a find that lasts you a season

Find a trail no one took

Find a cool, stone, gurgling brook


Find yourself amidst autumn leaves

Find yourself amidst a romance weaved


Find a secret you won’t keep

Find the joy of peaceful sleep


Find a boy with warm eyes

Find how in happiness time flies


Find & then lose.


Lose the habit, make way for the new

Lose the insecurities, right on cue


Lose your way & fear not

Lose the fight in your head that your heart has already lost


Lose the frown that you’ve always worn

Lose the memories that have had you torn


Lose a hand to the fates without a care

Lose control on a whim, for a cause, or on a dare


Lose & you shall find

It’s all a play of your mind


When you’re open to the all visions & sounds

You’ll find yourself midst the lost & found.


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