It rained today & true to form, I got out of the confinement of my apartment to find you once again in the sights & sounds of the washed & clean air. Just like the old times. Every drop that fell and splattered on my skin broke into a million droplets of memories. The road that glistened with rain water reminded me of the first few times we met. It would always be almost raining… you would always offer to drop me… I would always almost accept. The sound the tires of my car made as I turned a curve reminded me of the first time we went to that coffee shop, that you & I decided later was our favorite. I put on ‘Casablanca by Bertie Higgins’ on repeat & thought of your voice when you sang it so ridiculously out of tune. I parked on a lonely street beneath a short tree & heard the rustling of the leaves & saw the fresh drops of raindrops on the green leaves & wondered when I would be able to turn a new leaf. Most of all, I enjoyed today – I enjoyed being reminded of you… of almost imagining you back into existence… happy that there would always be something as usual, yet random… so predictable yet so spontaneous like rain to keep me attached to you & which could on any given day, by its mere whim transport me back to yesterdays.

It rained today… & I am glad it did.



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