Only You…

In the method & madness

Chaos & sadness

Laughter & elation

Trials & tribulations

In wakefulness & daydreams

In innocently weaved, intricate schemes

In a potent presence

Remains an acute absence

In the pathways I walk

In all of my grandiose talk

In the littlest things

In the joy & peace only you can bring

In the rhythm of the drums

Like rain pelting on a tin roof

Like the feel of dew drops on the grass beneath my feet

Like the nip in the air that teases the tip of my nose & fingertips

Like a feeling… even though there isn’t a touch

It’s a sound – so sweet – so near – so loving

You stay, you remain, you provide

All the happiness I need.

In the kind of chord where every truth has simply lied

In guitar strings that tug at the heart, refusing to be denied

In the wretched cry of the violin

In the wild tempo of a siren

In kind words, only a song can convey

In the kind of romance, only love songs can stage

In the complicated emotions

In absolute devotion

There is you & only you who can understand

Remain & thrive – in me – in my world

Only you who can stay; only you who I can accept

Only you who can be… always with me

& I promise to never desert you too.




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