Patience & Silence

… And he approached a cross road

And no one knew what he would choose

At the fork, as he slowed his already languid pace

They watched;  eyes peeled at his impassive expression

Looking for a sign

He looked fine

But he couldn’t be

Could he?


… And he looked back just once

Does he want to go back, they wondered

Do it all over again, differently

They looked for a shrug, or pain in his eyes

They looked for regret that comes with time

Looking for a tattletale in the scene

He looked calm

But that had to be façade



…As he turned, taking eons to act

He looked up at his audience

Not quite seeing them, knowing they are there

By the sheer silence that comes with baited breath

What to make of this spectacle?

They must be interested

He was bait for the main idol of the show

And it all boiled down to which road he chose


…and he was at the fork of the road

Resigned to his fate

Nothing more in this lifetime, nothing more than bait

And he stepped to the left

Since that is where his heart lay

The last thing they saw as the took that fateful step

The first signs of life on his face

Shock, Awe – his eyes bright at what he beheld

Held away from their view by angularity

They craned their neck to see what he had seen

In vain

So they looked at him, gripping the edges of their seats

This is it… the moment for which they left the warmth

Of their houses & loving hearts

Even with so much to see on his face

They couldn’t understand if it was fear or elation, anxiety or awe


… And they knew the price of silence

There was only one rule to this game

Be patient; do not call out his name

A hundred thousand people had gathered to see

What this boy could finally be

But there was only one rule to follow

To alter their tomorrow


….And yet they could not see

Their hearts drummed at the anticipation

Sorrow or jubilation?

End of tribulations?

Finally, will they know how it ends?

It had to end, right?


Faint, barely audible… a whisper was heard to a few


A clang, a swoosh & the curtains came down in a big, theatrical finale

The only rule had been broken

Patience & Silence.


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