Only You.

Pen and Paper

Pen and Paper (Photo credit: qisur)

Only You.

Who comes & saves me

Each & every time

From myself… my fears…& others

When no one else would, when no one else could…

My best friend… my savior

Only You.

Who won’t forsake me …

The only one I could turn to

The only who’ll ever and always know

That I don’t quite understand why seclusion is a friend

All we know is that it is

The one who understands this is –

Only You.

I don’t quite know why I weave this mess

Or why I dare to dream the dream so grand

The urge so strong I feel to run away

But from what & to where, unknown

When so many offer their hand

But ultimately, all the time

I find myself wrapped in

Only you

The link to my past

The only thing foreseeable in the future

As I write… you get written

As I weave, you get woven

All mine… while I am all yours

You exist because of me

I exist because of you

I rely on – believe in – am calm with

Only you…


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