A Question.

Question of Faith

Question of Faith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… And if I cease to exist tomorrow
I wonder what I would leave behind
Not a great friendship
That stood the test of time
Not an honest, kind word
That touched someone’s life
Not experiences that float
Like balloons in the sky
Not too many instances of genuine feeling
Laughter, love, awe or joy
Not anything at all
To speak for my time here spent
If I cease to exist tomorrow
Would I take time to repent?
… And if I cease to exist tomorrow
There won’t be much to discuss or say
On how kind I was as a person or a friend
Because I wasn’t… on any given day
And I can just imagine the conversation among
The ones who’ll show up, a few
“I can just remember her
By the things she used to do
The music, the writing & the rhymes”
And I wonder if I would change in time
If I’m not around tomorrow
Is it ok to be glad that everyone would be just fine?
… And if I cease to exist tomorrow
Would it matter… at all?
In a life of confusion, decisions, turmoil
Would I want to do more when it comes to the final call?
Not all of us are made to give…
Not all of us are ‘good’
& while I know what I have done
When I go, will I leave a wake of could’ s & should?
The things I write out of habit
To make sense of it all
Are the only things I’ll have to show
Before my final fall
And if I cease to exist tomorrow
Look back at my prose, stories & rhymes.
Since all said & done,
That’s all I would leave behind.

2 thoughts on “A Question.

  1. Shantnu Singh says:

    and then we will be dead…
    with a smile…
    or maybe a tear in the end.

    i wonder how focus will change…
    feeling different, as i know i will not wake up again
    maybe a little happy without all the weight,
    somewhere yearning for things i never did….
    but maybe in bliss on how small everything is

    missing this world, and all beautiful things
    ill smile in passiveness as now i cant do anything,
    a liquid it will be, with all feelings mixed in.
    a cocktail of life i just drank in…..


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