The freedom of your laugh
& the crinkle around your eyes
Your brown eyed mischief
The truth in your white lies
The grin that’d follow right on cue
I remember you.
The crimson colored flowers
I had saved in pages of books
With some romantic notion
I threw them out
Unceremoniously, too…
Yet, I remember you.
The things you said
& the way you’d say them to me
Your reason, your patience, your power
Rendering me both chained & free
Irrevocably torn in two
I remember you.
Glimpses of an old memory
I snatch unknowingly, in mundane daily acts
Your shadow creeps up unnoticed
My very own dream amidst all the fact
Vague, unclear, almost overlooked
Holding me back from anything new
It’s been so long that I hardly do
But still, I remember you

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