Unchartered Territories


Oops (Photo credit: dingler1109)

I hear the hum of the motor
Feel the quake beneath my fingers
Adrenalin (or fear)
Drum in my ear
I take the God’s name in vain
For this madness only I’m to blame
And I jump.
Triumphant, I fly.
In a clear blue sky.
(Until the ground comes racing into view.)
I soothe my thumping heart
As I say goodbye 
To the air I took for granted
My feet no longer on land planted
I close my eyes & say a prayer
And hope I’m not fish meal this year
The water pulls me in
I’m a graceful mermaid in my head
(Is that a shark?)
I talk to the muscles of my calves
Don’t you dare give up on me
Just about a hundred steps
To reach that mountain tip
I pull on every strength I have
Wheezing , yet brave
About to collapse, but haven’t just yet
(The instructor is cute, by the way)
The hundred countries
I travelled far & wide
left me older, none the wiser
Happier, yes.
I come back home
with all the beautiful mistakes I made
The gamble to leave behind
A comfortable, safe dog like life I led
Was the best foolish decision I ever made
 To pursue, to live, to taste
To not let time leave me to waste
(Don’t ask me where the money came from)
Of Italians & Florence
Egypt with Mummy
For adventures, for love, for beauty
And to cope with existential duties
And as I was taught of the French woman’s fashionable ways
I learned courage along the way, 
And honesty and friendship
(and how to nap in the middle of the day)
At 75, I’m here 
Fulfilled and yet
My dreams still keep me awake
For all that I had experienced
I know there exists still
Undone acts and 
Unchartered territories.
(FTV is still on?)

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