The Wait

He came draped in a shimmer rust

and yet he would’t turn to dust

Try as I may

To turn him away

Stay by my side, he must.


Infuriating creature, I must say

Was particularly crass today

I ignored him

My indifference tore him

And yet, by my side he stayed.


It is funny how when you want someone to go

they end up sticking with you so

And when I told him this

He huffed & puffed & hissed

& then told me he loved our fights over every yes and no


I could describe him as a gorgeous joe grim

But, besides that – there is a certain quality about him

I lose patience, I lose sleep

The anxiety he brings runs deep

Till finally slumber rescues me from the din


And though I feel the attachment is potent, though late

I wish he’d take to another muse, and walk to her with his purposeful gait

and finally my hero, Now will come

when at last I was able to shun

my constant companion, my friend, my foe, till now my fate

I say good bye to The Wait.


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